Extend Wireless Range.

Repeaters increase the strength of the wireless signal in areas where that signal needs to travel long distances. Repeaters become part of the WiMAC network and connect directly with each other, door controllers, and the cloud node.

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Strengthened signal.

As a wireless signal extender, the repeater is the perfect device for strengthening the connection between door controllers, ensuring a seamless experience.

Bridge gaps.

Gaps in communication between controllers can be frustrating. When added to your WiMAC network, the wireless repeater extends the signal strength between door controllers.

Anytime, anywhere.

Powered by pdk.io, the only true cloud access solution. Take advantage of real-time updates, cloud backup, 24-hour support, and more.*

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The only true cloud access solution

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Mobile Setup and Configuration

Real-Time System Management & Updates

Instant Email & Text Alerts

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