Touch io beta is live!

We are excited to assist in onboarding your new touch io reader! The onboarding process throughout the beta period is quick and simple to accomplish. When you’re ready to connect your reader, follow these steps:

  1. Find the assembly serial number of the cloud node to be added to touch io beta program.

  2. Call pdk technical support at 801-206-4086 and request the cloud node to be placed in touch io beta program. Support will enable touch io capabilities to the node.

  3. Download and login to the touch beta app:

   4. Follow directions below to pair the reader and to add a mobile credential*.


*For admin control, users will need to login to via a web browser. At the conclusion of the beta period, admin users will have full functionality from app.

Reader Provisioning

1. Select the edit icon for the cloud node in beta.

2. Enable use of mobile credentialing.

3. Save updated settings.

4. Select system configuration from the main dashboard.

5. Select the door you wish to pair with a touch io reader.

6. Select "pair touch" button, and hold the phone to the reader.

7. After successful pairing, select the settings button.

8. Customize touch io reader settings.

9. Save settings by selecting "Done."

Adding Mobile Credentials

1. After selecting a user, add the users email address.

2. Add a new credential, and select the mobile tab.

3. Enable touch credential.

4. Save settings by selecting "add." will send an email to the user with final instructions for mobile credential setup. 

Reminder, as a participant of the touch io beta program, it is required to provide feedback upon completion of the program. Throughout the program, please take notes of the provision process and user experience. Feedback submission links will be sent in the next few weeks.

If you have any additional questions, reach out to our support team at 801-206-4086. They're happy to assist!


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