Software Downloads

SA Rules 1.2.1

Full version of the client software. Installed on clients computer to add, change, and del users and rules

SA Rules Update 1.2.1

Update for the client software. Install update on the clients computer if  an older version is running

SA Rules Demo

Demo version of the client software. Installed on any pc for evaluation and demo of the client software

SA Software Suite 2.5.198

Full version of the software suite, includes SA Rules, SA Server, and SA Web. Installed on appliance or virtual

SA Server Update 2.5.198

Update for the server software. Install update on the appliance or virtual if an older version is running

Pro Wireless Config

Program wireless to a unique Site ID and Facility Code. Programming kit is needed

Ethernet Configuration

Discover and Program networked door controllers to a static IP address

Wireless - Ethernet Config

Program Wireless to Ethernet Gateway to make connection to Panel, vmware, or Hosted solution

Wireless - Ethernet Discovery

Discover Wireless to Ethernet Gateways that will be connected to a Panel, vmware, or Hosted solution


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