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Atlanta Studio’s Security Transformation with PDK & Door Resources

PDK Feature Install: Atlanta Metro Studios

Security is critical for any organization, especially in industries where valuable assets, sensitive information, and staff safety are at stake. A prominent film and television production facility in Atlanta, Georgia, recognized the need to upgrade its security measures. With the help of Door Resources, a family-owned premier Locksmith and Door Service company, they implemented an effective ProdataKey access control system. The installation not only transformed the studio’s security but also significantly boosted its efficiency and overall operations.

The Challenge

The Atlanta sound stage complex, one of the largest outside of Hollywood, spans thousands of square feet of soundstages, offices, and mill spaces. It is a hub of creative activity, hosting numerous A-list film and television productions. With rotating tenants, a varying workforce, and a stream of visitors, managing access and ensuring the facility’s security presented a unique challenge.

NDA Isometric Graphic

The studio did not have an existing access control system. Instead, they had relied on mechanical keys, raising multiple issues. There was no way to control and track who accessed the varying spaces. In some cases, access to a specific department requires signing an NDA, so ensuring only approved people could gain entry was important to maintain confidentiality. The mechanical key system risked keys getting duplicated or stolen. It also required extra labor by both the property managers and locksmith to collect the keys at the end of a tenant’s contract or change the lock set if a key was lost.

The studio had a new tenant with a specific request for real-time management capabilities. They needed to know who was going into each department and when. The property manager turned to Door Resources to come up with a high-level solution. At this point, Randy Slape from Door Resources felt confident offering PDK to them as an option, with its versatile, user-friendly features. “When you find out what it does, I’m like, what doesn’t it do? It seems like it’s doing everything that any end-user could possibly need it to do,” said Slape.

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The Solution

The decision was made to install PDK’s cloud-based, mobile-first solution, and the system has been in place for over five years. Randy Slape and the Door Resources team provide controlled access to the production suites, flex spaces, and administrative building for a total of nine doors, with plans to expand the system further. The system deploys PDK advanced technology Red Series devices with OSDP for ultimate security and performance. They also use Bluetooth mobile credentials for easy, protected access.

Key elements made PDK the ideal choice for the Atlanta studio. ProdataKey’s cloud-based solution allows authorized personnel to manage and monitor access remotely. In this case, the system’s administration is operated on a tenant-by-tenant basis rather than by the overall property manager.

“They really like the flexibility of being able to use their mobile devices to manage their systems. That gives them the flexibility to be anywhere to do that,”

Randy Slape, Business Development Manager at Door Resources

This is particularly valuable for the studio, providing real-time oversight of access permissions and user activity. The reporting feature of the user-friendly interface has also been beneficial. System managers now have the power to view detailed information on access events, empowering them to audit and respond to suspicious activity. With this, access control became more efficient and streamlined operations for the studio.

Isometric of a film studio with PDK logo and actor

The PDK system is incredibly scalable and flexible. The site for the Atlanta studio spans thousands of square feet across multiple buildings and floors, making it a complex installation. PDK’s cloud-based system and various module add-on kits, such as POE++ and WiMac wireless, streamline the installation process and reduce cabling costs.

“The ease of use, PDK made it so simple for installation that it will only benefit us in the long run. We don’t have to spend a whole day out on site trying to integrate,”

Randy Slape

PDK systems can be easily scaled to accommodate the studio’s evolving needs. Door Resources has plans to expand the system with three to four additional doors in the near future, which can be done without making extensive changes to the initial infrastructure.

actor, cameraman and man holding a boom mic

The Partnership: Door Resources + PDK

Door Resources started as a commercial overhead door company but has since evolved to provide a wide range of door and locksmith services. Like PDK, they emphasize providing high-quality, reliable products and maintaining strong customer relationships. With demand growing, Door Resources has been expanding the access control section of their business, and PDK has been a key part of that. Randy Slape explains his experience in the partnership, “It’s just the comfort level, dealing with PDK. You can have anxiety about some products, and you think, ‘Okay, how am I going to do this thing?’ I don’t have that issue here. I just have a comfort level with it that I haven’t had with anyone else.”

PDK + Door Resources

The collaboration between ProdataKey and Door Resources to provide high-level access control to the Atlanta studio has hugely improved their daily operations and security. By choosing a cloud-based, scalable, and integrated solution, they not only better protect lives and property but have set themselves up for future growth as their needs evolve. The lasting success of this installation exemplifies the endless power of innovative access control technology for providing effective solutions.


PDK Feature Install PDF Sheet


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