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Total Flexibility.

Pdk’s all NEW dual io controller now comes standard with Ethernet connectivity and self discovery, simplifying ip configuration and functionality. Other plug and play connection options are added by simply purchasing a wimac wireless or PoE kit.

Part Numbers:

Network: 2DC

Wireless Module: WIMACM

Simply plug the wireless module into the board and it’s ready to go. Is that flexible.

PoE Module: POEM

Plug and play connection options are added by simply purchasing a PoE module kit


Out of the box, the dio is plug and play self discovered Ethernet connectivity. Add on modules are also available for wimac wireless or PoE functionality.


Equipped with a fully supervised power circuit to monitor input, output, battery voltage, and overall controller health. 


It doesn’t get any simpler! Just plug it in. Pdk’s dual io is the most flexible controller on the market.

The only true cloud access solution

Anytime, Anywhere, Any Device

Mobile Setup and Configuration

Real-Time System Management & Updates

Instant Email & Text Alerts

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