Cloud Node Connection Tool

Step-by-step Instructions

Use the links below to download an application that will reestablish a connection to the remote management system. Carefully follow the instructions below, the process will only take you a few minutes. 

Step 1


From a Mac or PC, click the appropriate (Windows, Mac, or Linux) link to download the application. Unzip and run the application named "Spanner."

Mac Download

Windows Download

Linux Download

Step 1.2 (MAC ONLY)


Skip this step if you are using a Windows computer. Right click on the spanner application and select open. You will then be prompted with a security alert. Click "Open" and the application will launch. 

Step 2


After launching the application, you will be brought to the pdk io login screen.​ Enter your username and password for pdk io.

Step 3

If you have two-factor authentication enabled you will need to enter the authentication code from the Authenticator App OR click the blue "your phone" link to have a security code sent as an SMS message to your phone.

Step 4

After authenticating, you will be prompted to enter the Cloud Node Serial # (example: 1070JW0) and click "Reconnect".

Step 5

After the second "secure connection made to Cloud Node" line of text is visible, the cloud is re-connected to the remote management system. You can now close the spanner application. 

Additional Support

Please reach out to our support team with any concerns or issues during implementation. We are happy to work directly with your customer upon your request.

Call 801-317-8802 Ext 2 for immediate support! 


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